Saturday, July 30, 2011

Heaven and Spencer's Birthday

My daughter and nephew celebrated their birthday together today. They celebrated it at Jollibee Mactan. The kids surely had a blast celebrating it with family and friends. There were games and prizes and giveaways too. They had spaghetti, yum cheeseburger, chicken joy and sundae. It was really good. My nieces, nephews and friends were there. Hubby had a blast too since he danced with one of my uncles. The gathering was a success since the kids enjoyed it a lot.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mom and Dad's New Place

This guest post from Lewis Beck

When mom and dad first bought their place in Texas I didn’t really know what kind of advice to give them. We’re all from up north so there wasn’t really anything I knew about San Antonio that could help them so I just went with the flow and talked to the real estate agent. She was super helpful and told me about all kinds of stuff they needed to know. For example, the sales tax in Texas is a lot higher than anywhere else and it has something to do with the way they do income tax. She also told me about which is where all the Texans go to look into a good rate on their energy costs which are apparently deregulated. I was glad to be able to pass on some useful information to mom and dad and I hope I’ll be able to fly down soon and help them get their life all set up there. I can’t believe they’ve moved so far away but I’m excited for them!