Monday, January 30, 2012

Marilyn's Costume Up For Auction

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

So we have great direct tv packages and now my morning routine doesn’t include drinking coffee and reading the paper, but is drinking coffee and watching the “Today Show” in the mornings. This morning I was watching the show and they had a really cool exhibit that they were showing. It was highlighting a Marilyn Monroe auction that was coinciding with the release of “My week with Marilyn”, starring Michelle Williams. Some of the things in the auction were really awesome. They included a green velvet dress, a pink suit that she wore in “Some like it Hot”, and letters that she had written to her family as Norma Jean, before she was Marilyn. My favorite item though was a Cleopatra costume. It was literally a metallic bra and underwear with a headpiece, but I did not know that she campaigned to get the iconic role of Cleopatra that was given to Elizabeth Taylor. They even had a picture of Marilyn wearing the costume. The estimated that it would sell from anywhere between two hundred and three hundred thousand dollars. That is one expensive costume!

Dining at Indian Palace Restaurant

We dine out once week. It's a treat for me and my family for eating from scratch almost everyday. Now that I have learned couponing I never get out to eat without a coupon at hand. Thank you for the great coupons I got from your site. You surely made hubby happy and contented. Yes hubby loves using coupons as much as I do.
Last weekend we went to Indian Palace. It's in South Pleasantburg not far from my school. I have never been there so we got lost locating the place. Blame it to the great Tomtom gps who gives us bad directions but we sure glad we called the restaurant and we were able to locate it. We had a great dinner for half the price. When I went home I sure did took the survey with a full tummy. It's great food Indian Palace. Thank you.