Friday, August 19, 2011

Updating Our Kitchen Stove

One of the best place I feel comfortably good at home is the kitchen. The family stays most of the time there preparing meals. I love to cook most of the time that is why a beautiful kitchen matters to me. I really wanted to update our old kitchen. In between our vacation to the Philippines and moving from one state to another all I can do for now is go online to compare the prices of a good self cleaning smooth stove just like what my girl friend Jen has. We like to stay in their house and cook too. I already told hubby what I wanted and he thinks it's a really good choice. This oven comes with a really nice oven and broiler. It is also large enough to handle jobs like stir frying, boiling large pots of water and precise baking.

Lunch At Eastern Buffet

We had lunch at Eastern buffet today. There were Chinese and Japanese food to choose from. There were a lot of food but I was not impressed as hubby thought I would be. The dessert choices seem to be a day old. I saw the kids choosing to have fresh vege salad and fruits which was something new to me. I never seen them choose these foods before but I am really glad that they did. I think that would my last lunch in that restaurant.