Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Working Here

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

I love working here but because it’s such a small firm we don’t have tons of extra money to upgrade our systems or generally buy anything that’s going to help us do our jobs easier. I think it’s important to note that I try hard not to be too in my boss’s face about stuff like that because I know I’m much younger and I’m really conscious about overstepping my boundaries. For example, the other day I gently tried to get him to go to smallbusiness.xo.com to check out some faster internet options but he didn’t seem to understand…I backed off and decided to revisit the issue at a better time so he wouldn’t just write it off completely. I love my boss, I really do, but sometimes he can be tempermental (at best) and I think it’s great that I know when to deal with him and when to just leave him alone. I know that’s not exactly professional but it’s his company and he can act whatever way he wants to, to be totally honest!

My Cakes: My Canvass

I love decorating cakes. I'm new at this but I am loving it. I decided to create a video of the cakes I made. It's so funny that my kids knew how to create a video before I did. Yes I am keeping up with technology which sounds funny. I have made butter cream icing cake and fondant cake. Butter cream icing tastes better but I find fondant interesting, neat and nicer. I also tried making cake pops and cupcakes. These are my canvass for arts. I hope you enjoyed watching them.